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Engineering Consulting Services in UAE
Business Consulting in UAE - UAQ Free Zone

We would like to introduce you to one of the opportunities to Start your Business in the UAE.

The Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ) – the most affordable Business setup in UAE today and less bureaucratic Free Zone comparing to other Dubai and Sharjah establishments.

Ukraine Map

If you have plans to visit Ukraine with business trip, it makes sense to meet our experts first – we are interesting to bring strong local (UAE) businesses to Ukraine and will do our best to make your trip fruitful – we are performing “Zero Risk Trading and Investment Project”.

You will be safer with us.


Engineering Consulting Services in UAE

TRIDENT CONSULTING LTD has emerged as highly respected consulting establishment with a comprehensive portfolio including proper Business setup, Commodities and General Trading, Development and Financial Consultancy, having deep understanding of local practice of Doing Business with foreigners and writing of “happy stories”… Our Expertise in Business Consulting is continuously upgraded to meet the growing demands of the worldwide Clients for Business Setup in UAE and GCC. The result is a wide spectrum of satisfied Government and Private clients, from Trading Houses to diversified groups, both Local & International.

Our experience has taught us that clients appreciate our holistic approach; efficient, cost effective and personalized professional services. Advice offered, therefore, is always specific and helps clients anticipate their future needs as well as plan every stage of development. The Middle East is a Market of connections – we spend much time to establish friendly relations with members of Ruling Families, UAE Officials, Top Executives of Important Local business and we have it all today for our Customers – let’s make business together and you will save your time and we will never let you lose your money in UAE.

If you plan your UAE trip, we will always find time to have a cup of coffee with our potential clients – our first consultancy will cost you 22 AED in Starbucks and 18 in Costa… make your decision and inform us about your visit in advance…


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