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New SCADA Projects in our Research Lab

SCADA Solutions

New SCADA Projects in our
Research Lab

Welcome to SCADA Development!

TRIDENT RESEARCH LAB was founded in 2008 with the main focus on developing a new automation and control systems. Our main headquarters is located in Dubai, UAE while servicing the Middle East region and surrounding areas. Our systems are designed to efficiently and accurately deliver data and controls to our customers.

Our 20+ years of experience have given us the capability to expand and include wireless SCADA and data management systems. Our automation projects include everything from design and fabrication to installation and maintenance. We design control systems using the best quality equipment to provide our customers with their ideal systems.

We specialize in automation, flow computers, solar energy systems, PLC controls, HMI software, wireless instruments, and data communications equipment. Our ability to customize is why you call TRIDENT RESEARCH LAB for all your SCADA and automation needs.

What can TRIDENT RESEARCH LAB do for you?

  • PLC Control Systems Design and Installation
  • Custom HMI & Web Hosting
  • Flow Computers & Sensors
  • Data Communications
  • Wireless Equipment

For more information our automation and SCADA systems, and more specifically what we can do for your company, give us a call today! We would be happy to discuss your company’s goals and the equipment you need and would love to set up a consultation.

Our Successful SCADA Projects in 2016

Sharjah, UAE

Image - Sharjah

Dubai, UAE

Image - MAF-2

Kuwait City

Image - Kuwait

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